ARTEMIS EOS... with bass modules

Was just wondering if anyone has had the pleasure of listening to these gems.In my opinion there still one of the best.These speakers completely vanish with just about any decent gear.I have a pair and will never get anyting else.Any opinions on these speakers?
Wonderful speakers. Reviewed them years ago and still miss them

Spaz what amps are you using on them?
I remember reading they sound their best on tube amps.
I owned the very first pair made (SN 1001/1002) for several years and found them very uncolored and entirely musical. They were eventually replaced by a pair of Sonus Faber Extremas which were in an entirely different performance league. I never did hear them with the bass modules though. My brother now uses the Eos as the front channels in his HT system.
All i'm using right now is electrocompaniet 220w's as mono blocks and they sound superb.I' wish i had something with a little more current like the PASS 300w monos'That would be really special.I had them hooked up to CARY amps but for some reason the electrocompaniet sound much better.-Rontoolsie,i wish you could here these with the base module, they take them to the next level.Also wire is important with these speakers, the external crossovers need to be tri-wired so i'm using MIT mh-850 wich compliments these vey nice.Sweet ,open and airy.very 3 demensional sound.
Hi, I recently exchanged my Sonus Faber Extremas for Eos Signatures (with smaller bass modules) and external crossovers. The difference between these and SF Extremas is so huge (in favour of Eos when it comes to sound and in favour of Extremas when it comes to build quality). I'm using Unision Researh Mystery One pre-amp, Michell Alecto monoblocks and Siltech cables. When I bought the speakers that had some ribbon tweeters (Jordanow) installed. Those were completely shot - so I managed to get a pair of Thiel ceramic drivers on eBay to replace. Overall - extremely happy with them. Never heard better speakers....