Artemis EOS Help

I bought these speakers used a few years ago and I'm still not sure if there hooked up right.They are the Artemis EOS sig.W/large bass module & external crossover.There seems to be several ways to run these speakers and I'm not sure whats the best.Any help would be great..
I reviewed these (very favorably) many years back and I do not recall any real options in the setup. Amp cabled to crossover and, from there, to each module. My memory may be hazy, so what other options are there?

I'm running tri wire speaker cables to these.The low wire going direct to the Bass module and the mid and high going to the external crossover. There are four sets of binding post on the external crossover 2 set(s) labled high and (2) labled low.2 sets are for the (in) and 2 for the out.Going out of the crossover is 2 sets of cardas jumpers connecting to the satalite.All binding post are connected except the HIGH on the Bass module.Do yuo know what these binding post are uded for??..
I wish I could recall but that was back in 1996 for me. I will see if I can find any notes.

Thanks Kal
I am planning to buy artemis Eos these are 2 way bookshlef type speakers, i am not sure if these speakers have built in crossover or i need external one.
Please advise if i can connect them directly to my power amplifier ?

I owned Eos years ago and I connected them directly to my power amp. I believe the Eos that come with the bass module has an external crossover, not the Eos.