Art Loudspeakers, upgraded Crossover components

I just auditioned the Deco line of Loudspeakers from the Scottish company Art. They have an interesting take on an upgrade path, that I do'nt think I have seen elsewhere. Each speaker in the Deco and Emotion lines are available with basically the same cabinets and drivers, but 3 levels of crossover components. You can check the details on the website
I was pretty sceptical, but comparing the results, the differences are immediately clear, in terms of clarity and imaging in particular. Part of my scepticism is the cost. The cost nearly doubles between the cooking and the Signature version, with a comparable increase to the Silver Signature. I was partly reassured by the dealer, who explained the Deco 10 Silver Signature needs 20lbs of pure Silver wire for each speaker at a cost of about $28000, just part of the material cost. I have'nt heard the Silver Signature, but the change from the basic to Signature is obvious. In fact the dealer said with the 8, 10 and 20 versions, he sells the Signature at a minimum. The speakers can be upgraded at the cost difference in the purchase price, at any stage.
It really suprised me, how crossover component quality can make such an obvious difference. Is anyone aware of other companies offering a similar take on upgrading?
Audio Note is one that offers upgrades, but they are not that extreme with the pricing. I do know that Audio Note and The Ramsey Brothers (formely of Systemdek fame) have a good relationship.) The Emotion does look silimlar to one of Audio Notes offerings. I have checked on the offerings of ART from time to time but they have many offerings now that they didn't a couple years ago. I think the upgrade thing is cool but how will you know what differences each upgrade really makes? That to me is a shot in the dark!
Vandersteen and others offer upgrades on specific models as do many other companies. I don't know how they determine which models to offer upgrades on but I bet it has something to do with the number of sales of the units.
i've heard one model and it was really good....why wouldn't they just put a great crossover in each of their models to begin with? i don't get it.
Audio Note upgrades on their top speakers can be very expensive. If I am not wrong, I believe their top speaker with silver wire, speaker coils etc. is in the over $40,000.00 range.
As I understand it, the origonal Emotion came as the Signature version. Art were persuaded to produce the cheaper version by dealers. I think the point of it, is to give you options and allow for later upgrades.
Ponnie, the difference is not a shot in the dark if you hear them side by side, or have heard others before. They are truly like different speakers.
Many companies proved after market upgrades of crossover components, for existing speakers. For example, I think there is one for Acoustic Zen Adagios.
The problem for all companies, seems to be that putting in premium components has a multiplier effect on the ultimate price. $100 of parts becomes $400 extra to the final price, when it goes through manufacturers, distributors and dealers mark ups. That seems to be why only the one man and his dog outfits, dealing direct with customers and a few dealers, can really afford top components. The dead hand of accountants always seems to be on the designers shoulders, in big companies.
why a relatively new company would 'compromise' themselves by lowering their standards is weird.