ART Emotion Sig..anyone heard?

Thoughts about this UK company's speaker most appreciated.
I auditioned the cooking version at half the price, in my system. I was unimpressed, a nice but uninvolving sound, lacking in dynamics. I have heard the Signature version at a number of shows. They were the origonal version I believe and the version recommended by the company. Quite different and in one case, the only Naim system I have liked. However, they are nearly twice the price, about £4500, or $9000. for basically, an upgraded crossover. That does'nt seem value to me. I ended up with Acoustic Zen Adagios, way better than the basic Emotions and considerably cheaper
I've heard the Adagios and don't know what all the hype is about regarding these speakers. They are good but nothing special IMO.
Are you saying that the crossover upgrade is $9000?
I am saying, that in the UK the basic Emotions speakers are £5500 and the Signatures are £9000. The only difference is in Crossover quality I believe, They do another version, considerably more expensive, again with crossover upgrades. I am sure capacitors and silver wire is expensive, not £4500 in cost. I auditioned the Adagios against the basic Emotions and the former were way better, in my opinion and cheaper.
Thanks David12 for that clarification. Yes, is does seem expensive BUT I'm curious if anyone has actually heard the Signature version and would comment on it's sonics? I read on the Wigwam website that many "Brits" loved these speakers and some guy in Hong Kong uses the pure silver versions (at around $40,000) but have not heard them talked about for a while now.