Art Dudley's Audio Note AN-E SPe He Speakers

Has anyone elso heard these speakers that Art favorably reviewed in August's Stereophile and what are your impressions?
Dudley reviewed the E/Lx Sig not the E/SPe.

Member Footsurg (Mark) has them.

Email him and have a chat.
I heard them at last year's RMAF and it was probably my favorite room at the show. A very different direction from most other manufacturers and not for everyone.
You have the amp for some E's.

Nice system you have.

AN will have their high end gear at RMAF.
Actually Art did review the SPe/HE in the new August issue of Stereophile, and quite favorably I must say. He said that he liked them better than the LX Signatures, but he admits that he has changed out a lot of things in his system since he reviewed them and for the better. He also admits that it was over 2 years ago since his LX Signature review and that his memory of what they were like may be dusty.

I heard the SPe HE being driven by all AN equipment last year at RMAF. And for the money they are by far the best sounding AN-E I have heard. However, using the same gear any of the AN speakers with the external crossovers, including the LX Signatures will rocket past the SPe HE in terms of refinement, midrange pureness, and low frequency definition and energy.
I, too, would like to hear them. Art sure likes them, although he was a lowther freak for a while. Glory, look to the follow-up Art did in the august issue, those are the E/SPe's. My friends are telling me they're polite, with a much more detached soundstage than the shahinian arcs i'm using now. I love the arcs, just checking to see if either the AN spe/he's or harbeth hls5's would be a step up. I hope to make it to RMAF, sounds like lots to hear.
>AN will have their high end gear at RMAF.

Last year they showed with relatively modest stuff. The year before, it was all super pricey. The house sound is consistent, though, and I liked last year's modest system enough (as much as the year before, actually) to convince me that AN could work for me. Unfortunately, I can't accommodate corner placement.
shahians rule if your tastes run to big music(orhestra etc)....the AN's won't be a step up
The Aug. issue has a review of AN E/SPe HE in it? It's not even Aug. yet. You guys are one up on me.

Off to B&N to read up on my next AN speaker I will buy, but first some lucky member has to buy my AN J/SPe speakers.

As usual Footsurg's speakers/gear will "rocket past" my new E/SPe HE speakers. =8^)

My comments stem strictly from direct listening to both speakers on all AN gear. No malice intended! I have never had a pair of SPe/HE's in my home or in my system, and all my listening on them was done in the imperfect enviorment of RFAF. That I must admit, but I do remember well the character of speakers because I intended to buy a pair until a pair of LX Signatures crossed my path! That should tell you that I am quite fond of the SPe/HE indeed!
I recently heard at great length the very pair of AN speakers that Art had on review in his home at the Audio Karma Fest this spring in the Detroit area. First off, both Art and I have been long time Linn Sondek Lp12 owners (mine since 1982) and I agree with him on far to many issues concerning Hifi, source, and more importantly music. So it would come as no surprise that I am considering the Audio Notes on my short list because they do so many things right in their portrayal of live acoustic music. To my ear, this is more important and satisfying than a majority of other incomplete audiophile attributes associated with some of the current “best of” speakers being reviewed today.

A couple of problems though with AN. My listening session at AK Fest did not come from a vinyl source, due to the fact that AN’s turntable was on the frits, the digital sound was good but, not an excellent source. There are few venues in the U.S., if any, to audition the expensive variants of this speaker. That is a huge issue. IMHO I must have the opportunity to hear speakers matched to amps of my choice, or I wouldn't even consider such a purchase. AudioGon and our Hifi community is riddled with the mistakes of folks not pairing speakers with amps before purchase. I for one cannot afford to be so arbitrary, some can. Time has taught me that synergy in a system creates a greater result musically than having just the "best" component for each individual need, obviously. I also have concerns given that I have never found a smallish two-way that has ever satisfied my need for authentic bottom end dynamics in the overall balance of sound. The AN though comes closer than anything I can recall for such a compact, room friendly, high efficiency, speaker.

In my pursuit for very high efficiency speakers and smaller wattage, simpler circuit, power amplification, Audio Note AN-E SPe HE is looking better and better. LOL

Happy Listening!
I am also considering the Audio Note speakers. I have a couple of questions for the AN intellegencia. What is the comporable less effecient speaker in the AN line to the E SPe HE's? What amp and pre would be a good ballanced match for the SPe HE?

I currently have a 30 watt ARS Sonum integrated amp that I am quite fond of. I am pondering two scenarios. One is to get the less effecient AN speaker and live happily ever after. The other is to go with the E SPe HE's and get by with the current system until I drink the AN Koolaide and go all AN with SE low watt down the road.

Any insights would be appreciated.

AN up for this thread.
I have at home since few weeks a pair of AN E SPe HE (with the new hemp woofer) and it's a wonderful speaker. Fast, rich, natural and very dynamic. Low level is better than with non HE and you can play louder than before.

Most of the time, I really appreciate Audio Note products and between them, I appreciate more these HE speakers.


Good info on Audio Note on the Amherst Audio site. No affiliation.