art audio volume control

can anyone chime in on the quality of the art audio volume control?

i have been seriously contemplating replacing my rogue99mag/caryv12i combo with one of joe fratus' works of art.
am i likely to miss the active gain settings of the rogue, which i'm somewhat accustomed to at this point?
or do you think i'll sell my rogue/cary pairing and never look back?

based on what i've read and the quality of output transformers that joe uses in his amps, i have been lead to believe that one of the high powered options in the art audio line would control and drive my tyler linbrooks to my satisfaction. i do like to rock out, but let's understand that i do not have much opportunity or reason to listen at sustained 100db levels. the linbrooks are a fairly efficent 93db and somewhat tame 4ohm load.
I'm not sure about AA's standard passive pots, but the Goldpoint stepped attenuator they offer as a premium option is nice. Whether you like it or not will ultimately depend on your source and your personal preference.

Any Art Audio except the PX-25 should drive your Tylers sufficiently. Just make sure to ask for 4 ohm taps.

This is a question nobody can answer! They would be guessing only if they try. I took my all time fav preamp to the dealer to answer this very question for my self, knowing that the preamp in the system is what I would prefer-wrong, It did not match with the Art Audio's at all. Other preamps were a better match and I prefered those in the system, but I prefered the passive volume on the amps when compared to my own preamp. Once You ditch the preamp, the source becomes all important. Get this combo rite, and you greatly simplify the system and save money also. Not easy to do but it can be done,Good luck
I second Mahandave's ditching of the preamp in favor of the Art Audio passive volume control. In my case, the direct source connection to my AA amp has been utterly transparent, dynamic and tonally accurate. I'd be a hard sell for another preamp in the chain after listening for the last year to this arrangement. The only qualm may involve quiet orchestral passages in which the active gain from a preamp might highlight the music better.In my listening room, and with my hardly efficient speakers (88db, 8 ohm), the passive volume control has been very satisfying. Best of luck.
I have an Art Symphony II with volume control, ALPS, 50KAX2. The music sounds more natural, loosey, and relaxed. When I connect my Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp to the Art amp, I get better defined image and focus. The Art volume control is just a variable resistor added between the source's input and the amp input. You can simulate this with a passive preamp. I wonder any one has opportunity to compare the ALPS volume control with step attenuator.