Art Audio Vinyl One & RHB Sound Dezigns?

Has anyone been lucky enough to have had a modification to their phono preamp done by Bob & Gary Backert of RHB Sound Dezigns?

RHB redesigned the power supply circuit in our tubed Art Audio Vinyl One phono preamp. The difference is amazing.

Much blacker background with instruments formerly off in the distance now taking a giant step forward in clarity, detail, staging, and imaging.

It's as if a haze has been removed that we did not realize was there until it was gone.

We eagerly await the signal path redesign modification with the resultant "Dynamic Linearity."

Has anyone experienced and can explain the results of the "Full Monty" modifications from RHB which include the power supply and signal path redesigns?
I'm curious as to what was done, how long it took, and (obviously) the cost.
I am curious as well as I own an Art Audio vinyl oNe as well but had Joe do his own special mod that he has done for only a dozen or so of his best customers. I do not think he touched the power supply however but I do know there is a v cap in place now. If there is a little more I could get from it before moving into the reference I would certainly entertain the thought.

Peace y'all
I also had the power supply mod done to my Art Audio Vinyl One by RHB Sound Dezign. I have not gotten the rest of the circuit modded by them yet, but am considering it.

I really loved the result. Wrote a raving review on Vinyl Asylum. Everybody should get this mod, in my not-very-humble opinion. For me, it was $300. He also replaced the stock wire in the unit, which he found to be sub-standard. My phono preamp really sings now. I forget if the new wire was additional cost or not, but it wasn't much.