Art audio preamp need volume clean or .......

I'm live near North of Chicago , I need a repair shop to clean the volume of this preamp or maybe replace,I would really appreciate it for any help, thanks
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Replace it for the same value, as cleaning it may last a little while, but in the end the track wears out with the pressure of the wiper on it all the time going back and forward. The track is very thin so it just wears through in spots.

Cheers George
Georgelofi I bought Deoxi cleaner for the meantime I want to know where can I order the parts?i already cleaned it ,waiting to dry up, they say dry it...
It will do for a while if it's not too worn out, a new one is the best and may even sound better for it. Volume pots are the worst component for reliability in the audio chain.

Cheers George
George I agree maybe I will start looking for pots, thank you
George it's sounds better, I tried it this morning, 
jayctoy, if you ever need assistance or guidance on a repair moving forward I will be happy to assist you.  Verdant Audio is the new distributor for Art Audio in the US.  

Hope you are still enjoying this units.  

Best regards
Just our 2 cents, we would clean the pot and get back to listening. 
Good luck!