Art Audio Preamp

Does anyone have experience with the ArtAudio Gill preamp (4,500)? I was at a dealer the other day and he thought that it was a killer until, has remote and equalled the CJ 16 II or 17II which ever one is the hogher priced model. I would really like a tube preamp to go with my Pass X-250 with remote and balanced outputs, maybe I am asking too much.

Your comments are appreciated.

Happy Listening.

I noticed that there was no response. I was checking this preamp also but with no feedback its risky. What have you decided? How did it sound?

I have not tried out the Gill yet as I am trying out a few DACs and CDPs where I can run them direct to bypass the preamp. If I find one that can make music I may go that route but I will not know until ealry next year.

Happy Listening
Joe Fratus knows what Heis doing,I have art audio preamp
VPI mark II, very musical.You cant go wrong with his
product.I have the X250 hook with this preamp.They
did not sound good at all.My speakers are Eggleston.
My cd is Ah tube,I tried the MSB DAC, and CEC transport
also, just did not work.