Art Audio Jota VS Audio Note Conquest

Friends, I am in a situation where one of these could be mine. Both are similarly priced, specs are also similar. Both are Parallel Single ended 300B power amps with 18 watts per channel output. Has anyone heard both ? Or at least has anyone heard similar amps from both these brands ? How do they differ in their presentation ? Any input would greatly helpful in choosing between them.

My taste is more towards honest and truthful presentation rather than being rosy. But I want to keep to tubes, no SS.
Please note that the Jota is not a parallel design. It uses one 300B XLS valve per channel, whereas the Conquest uses two regular 300Bs per channel. The Jota High Current (HC) with KR 300B XLS yields 24 WPC.

I use the Jota. I wouldn't want to own a Conquest.
I met the folks from Art Audio once down in S. Florida and i was very impressed with their passion and commitment to their product line. I heard an SE amp from them- i can't be sure what model- and it sounded very nice but the speakers used needed a bit more power than the amp could produce. gorgeous build quality from what i could tell. And if you need "X" amount of power, you can talk to them about what speakers you are hoping to use, your room, etc.
I cannot speak on the merits of neither amplifier, but, please keep in mind that self- proclaimed owner of Art Audio Joe Fratus is a con artist and a thief.
I have $6000 deficit on my bank account to testify to that.
Sent it to him for the new Art Audio PX25 amplifier 3 years ago and still waiting.
And so you know, Art Audio is British company and is NOT represented in the US by Joe Fratus.
French fries- the only "passion and commitment" from Art Audio folks that I have noticed in my dealings, is the commitment to cheat their customers out of their money.
I'm not sure what your budget is, but you may want to consider a VAC 30/30. It uses 2 300b's for each channel. I've had one myself for several years and can't say enough good about it. I'm sure the AN and Art are great also.

I don't know where you live, but I know a really good AN dealer. Wellington audio in FL. I'm pretty sure he has the whole line on display. It may be worth checking out.
Maril555, your experience is terrifying. I am buying it pre-owned so thankfully I do not have to deal with AA dealers specifically.
even if you buy pre-owned, you should consider non-existent customer support. I know people who sent him equipment for repairs and had never gotten it back- that's what I call customer service!
Maril55, I am at Singapore, I will be dealing directly with AA UK. I hope they are good.

I am unable to find much on info on how the AA sound differs from AN though.
You dealing with Art Audio UK changes everything. I have no comments about them whatsoever
all i can add is their salesmanship was 1st rate at the time. and the equipment (build quality) appeared to be really good. which seems inconsistent with the level of service some here have experienced.
I had good experiences with Joe at Art when I owned his amps recently. Just an FYI.