Art Audio Jota - Tube Modifications

I have the Art Audio Jota 52BX running 32 BX tubes in it. Speakers are the Avantgarde Duo's with the Sony SCD1 and TACT 2.0 RCS on the front end of the system.

I have been experimenting with various tube configurations and wanted to share what I found withother Jota owners.

In March of this year, I purchased a matched pair of Telefunken 6DJ8's and a matched pair of RCA 12BH7 1960's Classic Reds Low Mic Superline's tubes from Vintage Tube Services. The finishing touch was putting Top Hats Tube Dampers on the Telefunkens.

After a solid 40 hours of burnin, I did my critical listening. WOW! I finally found the sonic qualities I had been looking for.

Today, the tubes have well over 500 hours on them and just keep getting better.

The sound is a DRAMATIC improvement over the standard tubes that are shipped with the units.

I had tried several eserteric Russian tubes, several different Sieman's, RCA's, etc. Nothing came close to the detail, air, soundstage and tight bass that this new conbination of tubes produce.
Thanks for the info. I have a Diavolo which is similar. I spoke to Andy and bought some tubes to try and found him to be very knowledgable. I have been using Siemans CCA which I thought were very good but he explained to me they are East German tubes and not as good as earlier West German 6dj8's.
I'll let you know how they sound.
Khaki - Any problems with the power tubes of your Diavolo? I'm considering an Art Audio amp but have heard that the power tubes tend to be very microphonic and "sing along" with the music. How does your Diavolo compare to other SETs such as Cary designs (warm, a bit soft)? Is your amp on the warm side or cool side? How has the company been to deal with, if you've had any dealing with them? Thanks in advance.
Tomryan- The power tubes are fine with no problems such as ringing.The sound is very detailed with real bass and not overly warm or soft at all. I had a Cary 300 SEI with Western Electric tubes that I didn't like at all. No set magic, no detail just bland.I would rather have a $1500 solid state than the Cary.
The service from Art Audio is impeccable. All questions are personally handled by Joe Fratus,the designer and one of the principles. Call him he's a real character and one of the most knowledgable people in the industry.