Art audio Jota

does any one else have this amp. I am demo'ing it in my system right now. It sounds great. I would like to know if others think it is as good as all that. Also what speakers and interconnects used in your system. I have the one with the volume control w/o a pre, only problem is my atmasphere pre does not work with the artaudio, and if I kept it I would have to purchase a phono stage. My speakers are wilson 6's and Brentworth soundlab 3 (a very interesting speaker)
Which output tubes are you using with your Jota?
I assumed they were 300b's, but they are 32b czech tubes.
I don't know how large your room is or your music preference,
but, I have driven WATT 6 ( no puppies ) in a small 10X12 room with
KR 32b tubes. My Jotas are monoblocked with larger balanced transformers
to accomodate tougher load.

Even then, they clipped at where the WATT's crossover point. Oddly,
the bass stayed in tact, but the treble went. WATT 6's impedance ( I have
the impedance plot on my pair ), still shoot up from around 2ohm to 24 ohm
which make it tougher for tube amps.

I don't know if your Jota is a high-current version, if so, 52BXL ( not the older
version ) with a properly matched preamp did drive my WATT 6 without strain.

Altho, the midrange of 300B tubes is hard to beat, I wouldn't even dare
using those with WATT6 with my music at high SPL.
If you are inclined to listen to vocals and simple acoustic material at
moderate level, they can be very effective.

the music coming out of WATT 6 was the best I have heard from the pair
with Jota. Pity, they took up too much space. :-)
In the end, I ended up using high-powered solid state with tubed preamp.