Art Audio Diavolo

Any speaker recommendations for the Diavolo amp?
This system is for a room 11w x 15L x 8H.
Monitor vs. floorstanding etc?
I heard awhile back a set up of the Diavolo and an older pair of Veriity Parsifals ( not Encore ).It was a very nice match and sounded very real to me.
I heard them with Verity fidelio,the music is so involving.
I forgot my Andra,The Diavolo makes music not sound,
They are using Siltech cabling, and Plinius preamp.I heard
them at Celestial Sound here in IL,Celestial is now close
for good.Monitor I would recommend the Diapason Adamantes
Hi, I have a Diavolo with unspecified 300B tubes and a Border Patrol power supply. I am using a room 15*12*8 and have a pair of Living Voice Avatar IBX-R2 speakers coupled via Electrofluidics solid copper (high capacitance!) interconnects. On good recordings the combo sings in ways that take my breath away. The Scott Markwell review in a recent HiFi+ mag really hits the spot for me and I wouldn't disagree with any of the content. Check it out and get yourself a demo - I think you will find it's worth the effort. I should say that the above combo will reveal any shortcomings upstream - I use a Modulus 3A via AZ Silver Reference interconnect which I feel is of a suitable calibre and to me is an ideal match.
Someone who I respect had Art Audio amps with a pair of Avalon Eclipses. I have never heard her system but she still beleives that it was both a great match and a very musical setup.

audio note type J...galante rhapsody....there are quite a few...single driver lowther speakers