Art Audio Amps

I am considering purchasing an Art Audio SET, either the Jota or the new PX-25. I'd like to find used ones but I've heard that the power tube in the Jota has a tendency to ring while playing music. Heard anything about this? Also, anyone have any idea on the future availability of the power tubes for these pieces, especially ones from KR Enterprises? Any general feedback on these amps in general? Thanks in advance, listeners! (A plug for my favorite audio mag.)
I like the Jota, excellent SET amp, with some real bass--a rarity for SETs. However, I think the KR Enterprise amps themselves, are significantly better than the Art Audios; and they look pretty cool too ;-) Recommended!!
Thanks, Findoc. Heard anything about problems with the particular power tube Art Audio uses? Also, I heard KR Enter. either shut down for a while or has split into two different companies. I know their 2A3 tube is no longer available.
I don't know about the split thing? I heard the amps back-to-back at a dealer's that sells both. Speakers were various model Silverlines, and Reference 3A models. The Jota is good like I said, but I thought the KR amps were just "better", you know? I definitely was NOT impressed by the new lower priced Art Audio amps though. The dealer is a good guy, but he's a small "living room" dealer, I don't even think he's on the internet. I have his phone if you'd like it, don't want to post that publicly. I know he has the Atma-Sphere amps too, those I really like, but they are very speaker-dependent...
I have the Diavolo and find it to be very resolving with great bass.No ringing of the tubes and the KR tubes are available from Art Audio or Welborne Labs.They will last several years at least. The PX 25 at only 6 watts is supposed to be the best sounding if you have efficient speakers. I haven't heard it but have spoken to several people who own it and they think it the best they have had.
Call Joe at Art Audio and he'll answer your questions.
I'm anxiously expecting delivery of a Jota (32vv tube)for demo first thing next week.........I'll let ya know what I think after I have it has a chance to break in.
It'll be a fully balanced XLR unit (joe does custom stuff!)