Art Audio Alana Pre versus Joule Electra 150 MkII

does anyone have heard these two preamps side by side? Just wondering what is the difference in sound signature, how they might sound in combination with SS Bryston mono amps. I prefer a warmer sound, like JE 100 MkIII or Cary SLP98 preamps. Thanks
I have the Gill Audio Design Alana which was recently upgraded to MkIII status by David Gill himself in January. I bought the piece about three years ago (MkII) and it replaced an Aesthetix Calypso. Firstly, make sure you have the latest version and it is my understanding that there are less than 20 of these units in the field as this upgrade is only about 8 months old. Also, it is my understanding that the MkIII is priced the same as the MkII if you are considering a new purchase. The Alana is fast, neutral, lively (micro/macro dynamics) and very musical (where it had the edge over the Aesthetix in my system). I consider it a perfect compliment to my new Tidal Piano Cera speakers. It definitely is a true high-end product that flies under the radar. I have no experience with the Joule or Bryston and this comment is really directed at the Alana standalone.
The JE 150MKII is on the warm side of neutral, but more resolution that the 100. From Linkster's description of the Alana, it sounds like Joule would be a better choice for what you are looking for (not the 150MKI though, only the MKII which is very different in character).
Have not heard the Joule outside of dealers' rooms and shows. I have the upgraded Alana Mk III and am still breaking it in. So far, very nice. Musical, warmer than my Hovland HP 100 and almost as fast. I am quite pleased and turned down a trade on a First Sound deluxe 4 from a friend who heard it and wanted it in his system. To each his own, but I'm pleased so far.