Ars-Sonum And External Preamps...

anyone using such a combo? 
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Hi tabl10s

I own a an Ars Sonum Filarmonia model SK (Modifided).  Although I have the BAM in and out RCA connections, I don't have a pre input or selection of running the integrate as  a stand alone amp.

Is there a set-up / hook-up for operating a separate pre amp into the ref integrated, that I may not be aware of?

Would  grateful for any insight.

Thank You

I asked Rich this morning about connecting dual-mono Bam’s and he said:

Source to Bam
Bam to appropriate input.

The volume has to wide open which bypasses the circuit enabling preamp usage.
What mod do you have? I have an Audio Magic
Pulse Gen ZX. 
@tabl10s and @bradf 

FWIW, next week I should have the first Ars Sonum Armonia POWER amplifier! The Armonia is NOT a integrated amp, but a power amp based on the new Filarmonia (SM version) integrated amp with some very special/improved output transformers that Ricardo Hernandez developed for the Armonia (I will note that these output transformers are more expensive [labor intensive] to make, so they are not used in the new Filarmonia SM integrated to keep its cost were it is currently at). The new output transformers have a wider bandwidth and lower source impedance - so, I have been told to expect better bass and better ability than the integrated to drive 4 to 6 ohm speaker loads. 

The new power amp also has two different inputs. Each has a different input sensitivity to allow better matching to higher gain or lower gain preamps (or various digital sources with volume controlled outputs).

Rich Brkich
Signature Sound