ARS Emitter 1 & 2

I know these are seldom seen products so most people have probably heard neither of them.  I have to admit I hadn't even heard of the brand until a few weeks back...

Has anyone heard BOTH of them and can offer some insight into their differences?  I have an opportunity to buy either of them.  While neither are cheap the Emitter 2 is at least 2X the cost of the Emitter 1.  I'm also not as sold on the battery power for the Emitter 2 if for no other reason that it turns a 3-box preamp into a 4-box preamp.  The Emitter 2 has 2X the wattage (280 vs 140) and 2 power supplies (one per channel) vs one power supply for the Emitter 1.  At first glance the power supplies for both units look identical.

Reviews on both are good, the Emitter 2 is held in particular high regard.  I've got the Emitter 1 here now and it needs to break-in (It's recently been re-capped) but it's doing a nice job with my 89db efficiency Wilson Duettes.  I had the Zanden amp here last week and while it was ethereal and had an amazing soundstage with the WIlson's it ran out of steam.

Any thoughts appreciated.