ARS Acoustica rank on some best lists. Any else?

I have talked to a couple different people now who have heard the ARS ACOUSTICA SYSTEM MAX. Both have said it's the best (bar none) they've heard. Before now, I've never seen any reviews or heard of this company. Maybe I blinked and missed them. Any background or opinions on these would be interesting since they have my curiosity.
Also, if you interested, check out this site for a review on the ARS Acousctica System Max:
They are a very samll company located in Toronto.I heard the speakers and yes they are the best I have heard.
Not lickly to get reviewed by the Audio press.
I heard the ARS Acoustica speakers demonstrated in my home some 4 or 5 years ago. At that time, I, and others who heard them thought they were very anemic in the bass and far from the best available speakers at that time. The frequency balance was not quite right at all. So all I am saying is that if they are now the best speakers available, they have certainly come an awfully long way since then. Hopefully they have addressed the bass inadequacies, at the very least. I also heard them at an audio show, where I thought they sounded better than they did in my home, but still not what I'd consider world class. But again, that was then and this is now. Still I am wary of such hyped-up claims.
They are not intended to be full range speaker.
They really shine when paired with an Entec class type subwoofer.
I know soemone who has heard this speaker extensively, and says it really is not all that...