Arrows direction on MIT

I have question that -> -> (arrows) from MIT cables. I wonder that the direction -> (Left to right) showing on speaker cables should connect amp to pre-amp or pre-amp to amp or interconnect cable from CD to pre-amp or pre-amp to CD. Do they have any differences? Can you give me advice please?
I also own MIT cables, and the arrows point in the direction that the current flows to. (I.e from preamp to amp, or from source to preamp, etc...)
As to whether it makes a difference, who knows? I never bothered to try installing the cable in both directions and critically listen. I just followed their advice and installed it their way, assuming they knew what they were talking about. (Of course, we know the definition of "assume" though, so who knows!)
It sounds aweful going the wrong direction just like out of phase..

A good rule for any good cable is install the cable with the lettering on the cable point the direction of current flow (interconnects and speaker cable)

Also notice MIT and Transparent always put the network closer to the speaker side.
Wow, I thought that with alternating current, the current flows back and forth, hence the name. Believe it or not, there are no "molecular gates" in your cables telling the electrons which way to flow. When a cable is marked as "directional" the manufacturers are usually indicating that the shield is grounded at the "source" end of the wire. Sorry to rain on the parade.

They may be indicating where the shield is grounded, but my cable manufacturer (Analysis Plus) recommends that all shields be grounded at the preamp - in a "star" configuration" so that there's a single ground reference for the shields.
I agree with Thsalmon 100%. Arthur