Arpege Reference tubeamp info needed

I am running Klipsch Lascala's. Hows the match with this amp? used value? We listen to a wide array of music and still want the base.
30 Watts will be plenty for LaScalas. I think it would be a fine match but you will have to try it for yourself to be sure.
I listened to the arpege a couple of nights ago on my Jmlabs Daline 3.1 & the bass was more than adequate ,reasonaby tight etc.I was actally quite astounded at how loud this amp drove my 89db at 1 watt efficient speakers in a large room so I am sure that the 104 db or so effficiency rating of the Lascala would give you thunderous levels of volume if desired.This is quite the integrated being amongst the best i have have heard to date....SS or tube.I am sure this would drive your Lascalas adequately in every aspect.I just wish I could afford one myself :-)