Aronov LS-960i, tube recommendation please.

Dear Agoners,
Being a die hard SET guy, I'm very pleased with this Integrated. It came with Svet 6550C and EI ECC83. I put Amperex 12ax7 with marked improvements. I would like some recommendations on power and input tubes. Or anything else..

Thank you very much in advance,

Hi: Like you, I recently went from an SET to the Aronov LS-960i. I'm currently using JJ Blue Glass KT88s and Telefunken 12AX7s. A very significant improvement over the stock tubes. Sound is lively, up-front, detailed (without edginess) and with great bass slam and PRaT. (Doesn't have the midrange "magic" or holographic imaging on my old Unison 845s, though. But you can't have it all when you down-size. I guess.) The JJs were much better than the Sovtek KT88s I tried - the Sovteks seemed to be much thinner sounding and more microphonic to me. I've heard that KT90s also work well in the Aronov but I haven't tried them. Sure is nice to be able to just insert new driver tubes and not have to worry about re-biasing them. Let us know if you find other tube combos that work well.

BTW, I'm told the amp responds well to better power cords. A friend who had one used an Electraglide to very good effect and this brand was also highly recommended by the dealer I purchased the Aronov from, Stewart Marcantoni of Weekend Environments. He used to be the top Aronov retailer in North America and is very knowledgeable about Aronov products as well as an all-around good guy to deal with. Good luck

I use the top of the line power cord from Mapleshade Records which has been very cost effective, and yet allows the LS-960i to do its "reality with musicality" thing.
Someday, the factory stock tubes of many years ago should give out, and I'll remove the beautiful casing, and find out which tubes I've been listening to. Gives you an idea of how non-techie one can get :>)
I have used aluminum (counter-intuitive) Mi-rollers for support, and Cardas Wooden blocks perched on the casing top edges to "tune" to my listening room with wool rug, and wooden walls.
With the Aronov, visitors still are having to duck when the sound waves of forceful drums, and percussion get launched into the listening room.
Gentlemen, thanks for your writings. I'm glad to know that I can use KT88 or KT90 with Aronov. I will try them out. I'm also using Bel Canto SET40 which is 845 based SET and Moth Audio Si2A3. So, Flacre, I know what you are talking about. However, I must say that this Aronov is a one heck of PP amp. I'll look into the power cord from Mapleshade Records as well. Thanks again...