ARONOV LS-960 Tube Amp & Martin Logan Vantage's?


I was wondering if anyone might know how well these two might play together? Being that the Aronov has only 8 ohm taps and the Martin Logan's are 4 ohm speakers do you think that they still might mesh well? I have heard that the Aronov can handle difficult loads but was not sure of this?

On this combo might the Zero Autoformers work to help balance things out?

Sorry for the newbie style of questions but I just wasn't sure about this combo. I have both the amp & speakers but before connecting them wish to be sure that it is not only a safe but wholly compatible combo?

It should be safe to play at moderate volumes and perhaps more, but its not likely that you will get the best sound. Most tube amps like higher impedence loads and will sound their best with loads in the 8-16 ohm range. The Logans may be nominal 4 ohm, but could dip quite a bit lower at some frequencies. The zeros would help by making the amp "see" a higher impedence.
both are great products, but a beefier tube amp, like an mc275 mac, would be a more 'realistic' driver in terms of grunt.