Armwand removal on Technics EPA-B500 tonearm..

Because the headshell on my Technics EPA-A501H armwand is fixed, I'd like to take the arm off to install a new cartridge. Is it as simple as loosening the tonearm lock screw and just pulling it out? I don't want to tug on it and start pulling on/breaking connector pins by accident. Amazingly enough, I can't locate any manuals on the interchangeable armwands for this tonearm, which would probably give me the info I need. Also, I'm curious as to what protractor to use to align an Ortofon OM cart. The null points for this tonearm don't line up with Baerwald or Stevenson. Should I just get the 15mm overhang right and not worry about the rest? Would appreciate any input.
You use the "lock" screw to unlock it and then
slide the arm wand to the right until it completely clears
the base to fully remove it.

I have a pdf of the manual if you need it.
Thank you very much.
And yes, I would appreciate the PDF.
Out of curiosity, what alignment protractor would you recommend for this tonearm and an Ortofon OM-10 cart?


If you get a chance, please e-mail the PDF to me at
Thanks again.
I just sent you the manual. I use a Dennesen Soundtracker for an alignment tool. Unfortunately, they don't make these any more.
Thank you.
Think I'll run with Stevenson.

You are quite welcome. Glad to help.