Armboard recommendation for Linn/Cetech subchassis

Any recommendations for a new armboard for a Linn Sondek (with a Cetech Carbon Fiber Subchassis)?

Earlier today I won an auction for a Cetech subchassis. I'd like to get an appropriate replacement armboard upgrade that matches my analog setup.

Linn Sondek LP12 (Valhalla)
Linn Ittok LVII
Grado Prestige Gold
Graham Slee Gold Reflex


p.s. On a related note, when I receive the Cetech, should I mount the armboard via screws (unobtrusive) or bolts (visible from the top of the armboard) ?
Cetech is meant to use Bolts, not screws. not sure about armboard...look forward to your results
When I owned my Cetech-ed Linn LP12, I drilled straight through a "standard" Linn armboard, and left the bolt heads exposed on top - quite handsome actually, as they were rounded stainless-steel Allens. This also provides for a much more rigid mounting to the carbon fiber subchassis (which is what you're after). A matching Cetech armboard would have been ideal, but when I obtained my subchassis, the armboard was no longer available - poke around the Pink Fish Media site in the UK - there's a guy there who's just begun making his own carbon-fiber subchassis and armboards.

The subchassis alone, however, resulted in a substantial upgrade to the Linn's performance. Happy listening,

Does anybody make after market armboard for LP12?I have one and have only seen subchassis plate like expensive Pink Triangle (now Funk Firm).I'd just go stock and while I sold Grado for a while I'd step up in line to Sonata or if you can swing it the less expensive of the two Linn carts.Call Bes Nivera and ask him at Music Direct if he can help you out on either score.I think the top of the line new Linn set up is $10K and am thinking of getting friend to give me break on all components they sell and giving my stock 1982 free with all the accessories like Arkiv,Lingo,Trampoline,Circus etc.I am a cart swapper so either going to sell it as a package for somebody to have tech put together or try to get $800 with it's Grace arm (and Grado Gold BTW)
Call Bes he'll help you out.Like I said can't think of anybody who makes upgrade arm board.if I were to make my own I'd call Black Diamond Racing and get one cut to spec and get their clamp as well.I have clamp on my VPI and love it.