Armboard material of choice.

The increase in popularity of vinyl has yielded many new turntable designs using not only traditional but exotic materials.

We see armboards made from aluminum, acrylic, various laminated materials, etc. What are your thoughts on your material of choice; the sound you feel they impart to the music regarding warmth, speed and attack, and any other quality that a particular material delivers.

Your choice of arm, cartridge, and musical tastes may help explain your perceptions. There is going to be a synergy between the table and armboard, the armboard and arm, and the arm and cartridge. Your thoughts and perceptions on all of these factors.

Thanks Ken.
I think its best to stick to the same material as the plinth. Mine are all black acrylic. Metals might ring, so I would stay away from those.
I'm not sure if you're looking to make a decision on a turntable or just make a new armboard.

I disagree with Cmk. There are more 'tables built with/from metal than any other material. If you took a poll you would probably find just as many, and perhaps more, people recommending to stay away from acrylic. The answer is what ever sounds best to you.

The armboard is certainly an important piece, but I believe the platter material will make more of a difference in the majority of sound that you hear coming from a turntable.

Good luck in your search,

I have been told acrylic/plexi etc for unipivot arms and brass for gimballed or other arms. I would suggest with you table to try a few. The entire analogue chain is about synergy and you will need to experiment to get different listening biases fullfilled. Cartridges will make the most difference as far as I am concerned if you design your system to be neutral.