Armboard for kenwood kd 500

I am in need of an armboard for a rega 300 for my kd 500, any ideas?
Make one(?) It shouldn't be that difficult. You could even buy a piece of alu or brass cut to size. Then you would only have to drill holes to mount it and a large hole for the Rega shaft. The latter might require the assistance of a machine shop or a friend with a drill press.
Lewm is right. I had the old armboard (it came with an SME mount and a pre-drilled, small hole center mount) traced and duplicated at local wood shop in coco bola (take your pick) and drill pressed while there. $40 including wood. What's not to like??
The stock armboard is approx 1" thick. I went to the hardware and bought nylon standoffs 1/2 and 1/4" long. These are 3/8" size. By using standoffs between the bottom of the armboard and the base, you can reduce the armboard thickness to 1/4 or 1/2". I used oak. Seems to be a better coupling of the armboard.
Cool, thanks