Armboard for Delphi & Alex the same?

Just trying to determine if I can use the same armboard from an Oracle Delphi MK IV on my Oracle Alexandria MK II.

Anyone know? Thanks
Hi, I am not positive if the arm boards are the same. I don't think so. But according to the list of arms that will fit the Alexandra there are not as many tonearm choices as the Delphi. The suspension is basicaly an upside down Delphi. The information I got this from is from the included lists of tonearms that fit and instructions for the Oracle maintenance kit. This is avaiable through there web-site. It is used for both the Delphi and the Alexandra. Go to the manafactuers list here on Audiogon and look up the phone number and website. Good luck and I hope this was some what helpfull.
Mmccoy has called Oracle and found that the boards are the same. Although there are arms that will not fit the Alexandra but will fit the Delphi.