Arm Upgrade to Morch?

Hi Folks:
I have a Teres 245, OL Silver (with Tom's Hi-Fi Mod) and Shelter 501Mk2. I'm pretty happy with the setup, but am always keen to investigate upgrades. I noticed a Morch arm available on Audiogon, a DP-6, and was wondering whether this would be an effective upgrade over the OL Silver. I don't have a lot of analog experience or expertise, so I thought I'd get some input from some analog junkies such as yourselves. Over time I may pursue a table upgrade to something like the Teres 320, and may also upgrade my Supratek Syrah to something like the Cortese but such upgrades would be more than a year away, so in the interim, would something like the Morch be a good move? Looking forward to hearing your input. Thanks,
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Hi, I bought my VPI with a Morch tone arm and used it for about a year, before selling the Morch and buying the VPI tone arm. The Morch is a very light tone arm, with little weight and strings. Every time I used the tone arm I though it would break. I couldn't get comfortable with the small size, for me it was combersome.
Dear John: The Morch DP 6 is one of the best tonearms around and certannely and improvement over your OL silver. It has many advantages and one of them is that you can choose differents arm wands with different effective mass for you can match perfectly with your cartridge.
Yes, like Paul told you: " is a very light ... ", but is a top performer and better than the VPI tonearm.
Regards and enjoy the music.
Thanks guys for the input so far. Mmm, I'll definitely think about it. Also, one more question, would I need a larger or smaller hole in the armboard to accomodate the Morch? I believe my OL Silver is fitted to a typical Rega size hole. Thanks,
The mounting hole for the Morch is smaller, 13/16" vs 1".
However, if you opt for the Teres VTA adapter then you
can use the same armboard and get on-the-fly VTA to boot.