Arm suggestions to replace Magnepan Unitrac on TD 160 Super

I own a Thorens TD 160 Super with a Magnepan Unitrac 1 arm. The arm needs a major rebuild and I'd like suggestions of a reasonably priced arm/board combination I can fit up while I'm looking for someone to rebuild the Unitrac. Under $1000 is my price range.
Here's another arm that popped up today, also with VTA on-the-fly:

As far as overkill on a TD160 goes, one could readily argue the Unitrac was overkill on it back in the day, too.  IME, the biggest difference to vinyl playback is adjustable VTA OTF.  No two records are the same thickness, and styli have to be in the correct geometric relationship to the grove to allow cartridges to fully and properly transduce motion to electrical signal.  Even a fraction of a millimeter in height makes an audible difference.  And you can only hear that difference clearly when the adjustment is OTF.

Could you get more out of the Graham, or Micro Seki, or even your old Unitrac on a different table?  Sure.  Will the table make as much difference as VTA OTF?  IMO, no.  The TD160 is a good table and if it's mechanically sound, you can mount whatever arm you want on it, enjoy it and then move it to something else if/when you feel the time is right.

Remember always this is a hobby with an infinite variety of viewpoints and yours is the only one that ultimately matters.  So, make the decision you feel is right for you and pursue happy listening!
I have the Jelco SA750 D on a Vinyl Nirvana restore/rebuilt Thorens 160 Super with a Ortofon 2M Bronze cart and it sounds great.  I changed the stock Jelco tonearm cable to a balanced Audio Sensibility cable, running balanced into a Ayre PX5e phono pre-amp.  I haven't heard too many analog rigs, but I think it sounds pretty good.  Good luck!
The Micro Seki is an interesting idea too. The table itself is in very good shape mechanically and cosmetically (well, except the dustcover...) and has served me well.