Arm suggestions to replace Magnepan Unitrac on TD 160 Super

I own a Thorens TD 160 Super with a Magnepan Unitrac 1 arm. The arm needs a major rebuild and I'd like suggestions of a reasonably priced arm/board combination I can fit up while I'm looking for someone to rebuild the Unitrac. Under $1000 is my price range.
+++ Jelco SA750 D, but make sure the tonearm cable you choose is plenty flexible as to not impede the sub-chassis suspension.
Here's another alternative:

The Graham 2 is a terrific design and preserves VTA on the fly.  I have the newer Phantom and love it.

I hope you have more success getting your Unitrac repaired than I had with mine.  I put nearly a year into it and finally had to give up.  The 44 gauge Litz wire isn't available anymore and anything else hinders free movement of the arm on the unipivot.  You'll know the wire is shot if you have isolated a ground hum with the arm at rest and/or as it transits the tracking arc when cued up.  You can blow on the arm to move it for checking this.

Good luck no matter what and happy listening!
I think a Graham arm on a TD 160 is extreme overkill and the table would not benefit from this excellent arm. The Jelco or Rega variants are within the price point for this table and can create an excellent end product. 

If you are considering a Graham you should consider a new table first. 
There is another arm that has been getting great press, although, I have no experience with it. I am considering trying one, though. Check out this site: