Arm Suggestions For Lyra Helikon

Working on an idler project and have been using an OL modified RB300 and I just pulled the Helikon off my LP12 and I'm ready to commit it to the new turntable. Any suggestions on a mate for the cartridge? I'm trying to get away from uni-pivots as my last experience was a bit frustrating because of the setup difficulties. Probably won't spend more than $1200 on this...
Dear Dhcod: If you can strecht your budget then IMHO this is one of the best matching tonearm for the Helikon that I try it:

Regards and enjoy the music,
I'm running an Ekos II with my LP12 and Helikon and I like it a lot. With the new Ekos SE out, you might be able to get an Ekos II at a good price.

If you are in or near Portland Oregon, I'd be happy to let you listen and hear for yourself.

I just bought an SME 309 for under $1k, which is more in keeping with my budget. Can't wait to try it out. I've read many people liking this combo. I had a IV on another table and loved it a year ago but couldn't stretch right now...
I'm using mine on a Schroeder Model 2 with very good results. I have also previously used it with a OL mod RB300 but the result is like night and day.
I run mine on a VPI JMW10.5 and this works very well. But in my mind the JMW mates best with a VPI table, as designed.