Arm Recommendation for Moerch UP4 Owner

I do really like the UP4 but as my system has improved, I feel like maybe there's something out there that has similar airy feel but is even more resolving and tighter in the bass and smoother in the mids. Any former UP4 owners move up to something else they love? I've tried the DP6 and went back to the UP4. I think I'm probably a unipivot guy. The fussy-ness doesn't bother me at all.
By the way, I've also tried an SME 309 and IV, but didn't like the SME sound.
What is it that you like about the UP4 vs the SME's as well as the UP4 vs the DV6?
That will help determine what way to go next.
I'm guessing that what he likes about the 4 is it's nimbleness and tight, pristine clarity while still managing to be full enough to resemble reality. Those other arms sound bigger and bolder, but may lack the 4's charm. I moved from the UP4 to a Well Tempered Reference (on a Well Temp. table) and feel like I am getting the best of both worlds. Would always recommend the 4 for any other compatible table however. Dhcod, you may want to stay right where you are and look elsewhere to improve your analog sound.
Well said, Hifiharv. I'm guessing you are right.
Just a suggestion, but do you know anyone who bought a Fozgometer that you can borrow? It's an expensive toy for a one time adjustment, but setting your azimuth correctly may bring back the extra body you feel you are missing.

Another suggestion that shouldn't cost much is table resonance control. Try dampening vs undamening your plinth and/or platter, or perhaps trying a different method of isolation under the turntable, like a Ginko cloud clone using a butcher block with about 8-10 squash balls between it and your shelf.

Less expensive options than replacing a cartridge, or a phono stage or a table itself and they may give you what you are looking for.