arm mass/ cartridge compliance mismatch

Can someone explain the relationship of mass required to compliance or other relevant factors- both from the engineering point of view and with regard to sound?

MC manufacturers specify a range of arm masses that are compatible with a particular cartridge. What is the result of using an arm which exceeds the mass recommendations of the manufacturer? For example, if the arm mass is specified as ideally between 6-10g range, and one uses 12-14g mass arm what will the resulting effects be?

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That figure of 35 x10-6/dyne is too high. It may be STATIC compliance (at 0Hz) rather than dynamic (measured usually at 100Hz). Dynamic compliance is usually b/ween 10-40% of static.

Whatever the case may be, VdHul's recommend'n for a 6-10gr arms seems to indicate average compliance AND that yr proposed set-up consisting of Stogi+Frog is MOST likely to resonate outside the acceptable range.

ANYWAY, the formula to calculate resonant frequency (RF)is,
RF= 1000/2pi x sqrt (total mass x cu).