Arm lift options beside Stylift

Does anyone know of any arm lift devices besides the Stylift? I know Thorens and Audio Technica used to make spring powered arm lifts. I've got the Stylift, but find it annoying the way it wacks the arm, and finicky about placement to the point of being not usefull for may albums.
Any ideas about what might be out there?
Actually, you could adjust the Thorens for a soft lift, something that's not possible with the stylift.
If you actually still have your Thorens, look at the spring adjustments. Also, place the lifting lever close to the bottom of the arm height.
That should work for you.

I just picked up an Audio Technica Safety Raiser, as well as the Thorens. It seems, that's about it to end this thread.
The Thorens fits on my Oracle just perfectly. Amazing the prices these things fetch. Also amazing I gave my previous Thorens lifter away with my last table as I was sure there had to be something more stylish out there to go with my Oracle. The Safety Raiser may fit the bill, but the Thorens works so well, I haven't tried it yet.

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Ronnie, it looks interesting, I'll admit. I don't actually see from the picture how it would work though. I also don't understand the price. P4,250? What does that mean?
If you can explain all this, I might buy one. :-)

I'll also mention, re: the Stylifts. There was the original, made by Monitor Audio. I actually used one of these on a Pioneer direct drive table I once owned, long ago. Then there's the Expressimo Audio version, that looks to be much more artistically made, but that works the same way.

I'd love to see a picture of your lifter Ronnie. Could you post one, or email me a pic?


I see. The TonaL uses a magnet, which is brought into close proximity to another magnet on the tonearm when the tonearm contacts the bent wire that causes the lifting devices pivot arm with the magnet on the end to lower towards the tonearms counterpart magnet and then they both bob back up enough to lift the tonearm?
Maybe that's it.
Something like that yes. I haven't examined it closely.
My little contraption is not in use now, but I made a video clip:

As you see, the motion is more twitchy. I taped a tiny piece of metal on the arm and mounted a little magnet above the area of the run-out groove.
You can read about the latest on the Tonal including its availability in the following site:
Thorens is my choice. I thought the money I spent on one long a ago a high priced rip off, but the value has lasted through the years.

Adjustable lift power and height, I wish they woudl build them again. Many people do not know what these things are or have never even considered an end of record lift since they were dissed by Hi Fi writers long ago wanting to go snob superior to consumer inferior positions in their writings.

This was back when the industry was new and writers had much more influence, we were all looking for answers. It was thought they detracted from the sound. At my level of sound reproduction it adds to the enjoyment, and takes away nothing.
I built Safety Raiser myself. It took me a few tries, but it came out fine.
The only consideration when starting with a project is: The height of your tonearm! This is crucial as Safety Raiser should be able to pass under your tonearm in order to lift it at the end of the record.
The way you make your own Safety Raiser is:
1. Find cueing assembly from any manual TT.
2. Remove cueing assembly from the plastic/metal housing of TT.
you will end up with cylinder, piston with black plastic "tonearm rest", cueing lever and inner metal spring.
All you have to do is:
Remove the little screw on top of "plastic tonearm rest", pull the piston out, put the spring on the piston and insert piston back into the cylinder.
Now you have a tonearm cueing assembly that does exactly opposite of what it used to do: It is now when depressed, starts to rise slowly out of the cylinder.
That was easy.
Now you have to figure out the metal wire trigger and the appropriate height of the whole Safety Raiser.
I am glad that I stumble on this thread linked from Audiogon forum. I ordered this tonearm lift by contacting a friend of Mario in NYC.
After receiving payment address I sent personal check and in 3 days received my Tonal arm lift.
I have to tell you folks that I did not expect this "home-made" product to look that refined. And I am a picky customer.
It came very nicely packaged in a plastic box with soft insulation and full 2-page instruction and diagram with trouble-shooting guide!

Fit and finish of this little device is on commercial level. I would not be surprised to see it in Audiophile store or online retailer.

It took me an hour to fine tune it and now it works 100% of the time, simply perfectly.

I had to cut the main stem to shorten it. No big deal. The adjustable screws on top are ingenious touch ! They are the key in making this gizmo work.

In conclusion , i will say if you need Safety Rasier -Tonearm Lift Get this thing as fast as you can. It is superb.

P.S. One consideration! Tonal stands taller than your tonearm in order for it to function, thus you need to make sure that your DUST COVER has enough clearance, otherwise you would need to raise it on some rubber bushings ,like I did (Rega P3).