Arm interconnects choice???

Hello, any recommendations for interconnects between arm and preamp ???? Thank you.
arm : dynavector dv507
preamp :accuphase ad 2800
tt : AVID Acutus
In my experience the improvement going from an arm that uses an interconnect to one like Origin Live that runs straight from the arm to the phono stage is so great there is no other way to go. Connections are never good. The weaker the signal the worse they are. So count the connections, its no wonder.

That said, Synergistic Research makes the best wire. Find one a few years old, the best one you can afford, especially if you can get one with Active Shielding. Those are great because not only do they sound superb they also can be even better with very cost-effective upgrades to the Active Shielding power supply. Search Michael Spallone MPC mods.
I agree about the advantage of a direct connection from cartridge to phono input, but in practice, I do not hear a problem when using high-ish output cartridges.  When you get to very low output MCs, I like to go direct.

I definitely do not agree that SR categorically makes "the best" wire.  First of all, they don't "make" any wire; they buy it from an outside source and then dress it up to look expensive, like most other boutique cable makers. (SR is no worse than others, except the claims they make are particularly noisome to me personally.)

Maybe it's more helpful to talk about the wire per se.  I like either pure silver or pure copper.  I dislike silver-plated copper because it seems to impart an edgy or hyper detailed character to the sound.  I also like thin gauge solid core wire (vs stranded), multiple insulated parallel strands, if current-carrying is a factor. Geometry also counts; I have not been a big fan of Litz windings, because that seems to overly tame the sound such that everything sounds "good" but not exciting or dynamic as live music.  Windings that result in a low characteristic impedance, which usually means low inductance, have also found favor with me. These are just my own preferences based on decades of listening, but anyone else may prefer something different, and it's just as valid, because no one that I know of has ever made any measurements that prove conclusively there is one best way to connect two pieces of gear, assuming good conductors and connectors.  For sure also, the fewer the connectors, the better.
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For the cost of even a modestly-priced high-end ic, you can have your arm rewired in a single uninterrupted run from cartridge tags to RCA plugs. The output of phono cartridges is absurdly low, so solder joints, jacks, plugs, etc. are to be avoided if possible.

Johnny at Audio Origami does great work, and offers a choice of Cardas copper and two brands of pure silver. While having your arm rewired is the perfect time to upgrade your cartridge tags and RCA plugs.

+1 for Synergistic’s cables. I’ve been using their Tricon Analogue, for the past 15+ years, with My Denon 103D, Dynavector 17D3 and Soundsmith Aida. Doubtful- that I could be happier, with another cable(based on a few decades of live music, 2-3 times a week). I’d be interested in seeing some evidence, that they don’t manufacture they’re own cabling. It may be, their conductors are drawn by someone else, but- I’ve not been to their factory. Have YOU, lew? Less connections? Always better(all other things being equal)!
Weird that the cartridge isn’t mentioned. An afterthought perhaps.

Since we are guessing, if it is a MM cartridge the capacitance of the cable should be added to the capacitance of the arm cable and the input capacitance of the phono stage to conform to the cartridge manufacturers recommendation.
Right I forgot that sorry , dynavector dv xx2mk2 . But in not far future I will jump up with cartridge with dynavector or koetsu, for now I want to see improvement in cables . And thank you one again for any advices ....
I’ve only use the Jelco JAC501 for my tonearms. It’s inexpensive and it sounds very good. It’s neutral, transparent and extremely revealing to the tiniest of system changes. I have tried others that were nearly 3x the price and this was far better.
$100 delivered from NY.