Arm for Sota Star Sapphire/ bearing vs. uni-pivot

I have a Sota Star Sapphire coming to me in the mail that will need an arm. Any advice on this TT and an arm/cartridge combo to match. Rega is to obvious a choose(I don't like simple). I will be looking in the Rega price range, I will most likely buy used. The reintroduced Hadcock line looks interesting, but, I have no time with uni-piviots. MM or MC with this table? Or is the arm chose more important to deciding on a cartridge? Thanks Louis

Look for a used Priemer FFT 3/4. They were a perfect match for the Sota's and come with VTA adjustment, something the Rga's don't. Important if you go with a cartridge of other than eliptical. If your going Grado I think the Rega would be a dandy match.

The arm and cartridge are a pair, that needs to be considered together. The arm you choose, will dictate the types of cartridges that you can use with it. You cannot just slap any cartridge onto any arm.

I have always preferred gimbal-bearing arms, and will continue to use them. I like heavier, low compliance cartridges, and gimbal-bearing arms of proper weight and bearing quality are a better choice for these kind of cartridges(IMO). If you prefer higher compliance cartridges, then a unipivot may be a fine choice. In general, a unipivot will give very liquid midranges, but suffer somewhat in the bass, in comparison to gimbal bearing arms. Gimbal bearing arms may not be quite as liquid in the mids, but provide a rock solid bass response. Assuming good design, of course. Some of the very best arms can overcome many of the traditional shortcomings of their respective designs, such as Graham 2.2 unipivot having decent bass, and Origin Live gimbal-bearing having quite liquid midrange. Nothing is perfect, and you have to select what will fill your needs the best. But cartridge range and arm type should be considered together.