Arm for SOTA?

A friend has a SOTA Star vacuum table in good condition but he has not been able to get his Zeta arm repaired. What arms work well on this table in members systems? I thought possibly one of the Jelco arms would fit the same cut out as the Zeta, which was the same as the Rega, Ittok, FR and others. I have not used any of their arms and my last SOTA was so long ago I can't remember what arm was on it so practical experience is appreciated.

I was a SOTA dealer, back in the day and have personally owned 4 or 5 different SOTA tables. The best arm I had on one of mine was a SME 309. We sold many SOTAs with the Sumiko MMT and FT3 arms that always sounded very good. Never tried a Linn arm on any. Too bad he can't get his Zeta fixed. I have a Zeta on my Oracle and really love it.
I had a Saphire with an MMT for a few years before I traded for a Star with a Souther. The new combination was a huge improvement. Now after several years experience I am still very pleased. I never have had to adjust the arm, though one must clean the track occasionally (quick and easy). The vacuum table and the Souther were made for each other.
I have an Akito 2b on my Star, works great. I think I just bored the hole out a bit to allow for some shifting in the slightly different arm length (from Rb300) and added thre 3 Linn holes to the stock board. I think you need a special arm board to use the Rega arms, thicker on top and recessed underneath.
I have found the Lustre 801 arm to be very synergistic with the Sota's I have owned. That arm has the vta riser on the fly feature which I also found very handy.
Stanwal: You may want to check out the responses to my thread "Best Arm for SOTA under $1000". In addition to the other suggestions, the Origin arms were also recommended. Good Luck.
I have owned a Star Saphire for years with an SME IV arm that is wonderful.

Look long and hard for an Alphason 1000s (british titanium if I remember correctly) you won't be disapointed, great value for the bucks and works well with Koetsu.