Arm For My Well Tempered Classic Turntable

Hello Friends
I have a Well Tempered Classic Turntable, however the arm is beyond repair, an any one out there can recommend a arm that will work with this turntable
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I think the arm is still sold separately, as it certainly was in the past. You'll need it; while there are some reports of trying other arms on the table, I don't think they have been overly successful. Check with the company/distributor for a replacement.
Explain what part of the arm is damaged.
hello The whole arm is bent, and the arm thead on the hangmans, is theaded
I would suggest an attempt at repairing the WT arm yourself by using some 6.5 mm carbon fiber tubing (measure yours to be sure), the old head mount and phono leads.

The Well Tempered bearingless arm is one of the decks best features.

Here are some photos of mine that was also bent and repaired.