Arm Cartridge Matching Question?

Hello All,

I am using a ZETA Mk.II VandenHul Silver Wire Tonearm. This Arm is from 1985 or so, and has no Bearing issues, performs excellent. The Arm has an Effective Mass of 16 Grams. I have always used good High Output MC Cartridges. However, I wanted to try the Grado Signature TLZ when it came out, and was reviewed so well by both Stereophile and Absolute Sound.So I now own, the Grado Sign. TLZ, and the AT-OC9, and also a Sumiko Talisman Alchemist. The MC Carts. are HOMC, the Grado TLZ considered Moving Iron, has a compliance of 20 cu, I believe. How would this correlate with the 16 Grams Effective Mass of my ZETA Arm? I am able to use cartridges like the Grado, and still reap what benefits they may have? I know that there are no issues with the AT-OC9, or Talisman Cartridges, being MC's they have a stiffer Suspension, or Compliance, not sure of the numbers though. But the Grado has such a differennt sound than my AT-OC9, I love them both, but the Grado sounds more warm, and neutral in my opinion. Can I use MM or MI Cartridges on my ZETA, BTW all of this is on a VPI HW-19Mk.IV
Thanks, Ray
Dear Ray: You can find information here:

Now, I own Grado cartridge and I mount on different tonearms ( One with an effective mass like your Zeta ) and runs very good, I don't think that you could have trouble about and for what you report what you are hearing is great: don't worry about, normally the MM cartridge sound is more natural.

Regards and enjoy the music.