Arm/cartridge for Avid Volvere

I have just acquired a new Avid Volvere TT and need some advice over arm/cartridge choice. I have noticed a lot of talk about modified rega's(incognito,heavier weights etc)would these be a good match along with say a Denon DL304 ? I recently acquired a used XLP for this setup but am also wondering about the new Pro-ject valve Phonotube as perhaps a better phonostage. Any advice would be welcomed.
My combination of a Volvare, Tri-Planar arm and Lyra Helicon cartridge sounds incredible out of the box. The combination is not overly analytical. What a combo. I know the Tri-Planar is a pricy arm but Holy Cow. I just played Zappa's Peaches and Regalia and there was a bunch of info picked up I never new existed. Same with Coltrane's Blue Train. They were in the room with me.
Very nice but alas a wee bit pricey on the arm and cartridge for me.