Arm Board source for Technics SL1000 MK2/MK3

Been awhile since I needed a new arm board for either of my MK2 or MK3 SL1000 tables, but I have only one left (unused), need at least 2 more and would like some spares.

Anyone know of someone who makes/sells these?  I know it would not be that difficult, so will go to local shop if none is selling online.



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Arm board not tonearm.

I am using a Moerch DP-8 and a newly silver re-wired/rebuilt (by IKEDA/Japan) Fidelity Research FR64S tonearms, which the Jelco is a solid arm, but hardly an upgrade.

Thank you for the suggestion though.
I’ve seen a fake one on Acoustand they were designed to look identical on the picture, but was made without metal frame. Anyway later i realized they got nothing is stock and everything made in order, guys are very slow. You may find something usable on their site.

If you need the original Technics armboard they are $200-300 minimum.

I think you could order a metal arm board instead. 

A friend who left me Obsidian plinth asked local vendor to make wooden arm boards, they must be pained just like the obsidian surface. I'm gonna get them soon. 

Another recommendation is to replace stock footers from your obsidian plinth and use Audio-Technica AT-616 pneumatic insulators (they are rare, but the best). This is how it works.  

Oh, same guy on Etsy who made different counterweight for Fidelity-Reseach tonearms.

But his arm boards does not have a metal frame ? Or it’s not metal ?
He's selling inserts only, not a frame
You can probably get one custom made by Colby Lamb, out of aluminum, brass, or delrin, etc. Colby is located in Oregon, but the geography has never been a problem for me on the East Coast.  I cannot overstate the quality of his work and the care with which he does any job.  If you want contact info, let me know.  He most recently made a pure copper platter sheet for my Kenwood L07D.  That was a precision job of machining a difficult material (copper sheet) with not only a specified shape but also a target mass, and the result is perfect.
Thank you very much for the reference... exactly what I'm looking for.
Lew:Yes, I know Colby and have met with him a few times, he is only a little over a hundred miles away from where I am in Washington State.... which reminds me, I should get in touch with him, as I was supposed to stop by his new home around this time last year...
@noromance :

Sorry about that, just noticed your link... thank you for the reference... I will pay closer attention to posts for now on.
Also thank you for your reference...

I now have many sources for arm boards!