Arm board recommendations for SOTA

I am getting back into analog and have purchased a SOTA Star Sapphire and an OL-modified Rega Rb250 arm. I will need an arm board and SOTA offers 3: laminated MDF at $70, aluminum/acyrlic composite at $149 and Cosmos (aluminum, acrylic and lead) at $250. Any thoughts on bang for the buck here, or any other options? Thanks
Get the Aluminum/Acrylic Composite at $149 which is much better than the Laminated MDF. The Cosmos is for the Cosmos Table only, and I think it would not be money well spent IMHO (From a previous Cosmos owner).

Why don't you build yourself a armboard out of high grade marine grade plywood? The Simon Yorke turntable uses this material for their armboards.
Edle- Great idea in theory; I even have access to a bandsaw. However, would like to keep all of my digits attached to my hand w/o surgical assistance.