Arm and cart resonance range -- discussion

I could not find a thread on this topic.

Anyone have an opinion regarding the ideal range and/or thoughts of a combination that yields in the mid 12Hz range.


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Further agreement with Syntax. Those numbers won't tell you anything about how a particular combination will sound. All they can do is identify a serious mis-match, and those are rare.

The large majority of today's cartridge/arm combos resonate close enough to the 8-12 Hz range so that interactions with musical information (above 12) or warps/footfalls (below 8) will not occur.

Avoiding those two problems is the ONLY purpose of this calculation and those problems are rare - except for Grado's of course ...

There are many important parameters to consider when choosing a new arm and cartridge. These numbers should be at the bottom of the list if they're on the list at all.