Arkiv music Cds how are they?

I am interested in any members who have compared these the Arkiv burnt Cds to the originals. I believe these are burnt Cd's that come with no booklet, just with the art work. I checked their site and for what they offer they are somewhat high in price. They are charging 17.00 and above that for a single disc. I was wondering have any members tried them and compared them to the original copies?Thanks all and enjoy the holiday's
I have MANY discs from Arkiv. Many of their discs are not burnt copies and the quality is that of the original label complete with artwork, booklet, etc... Those that are out of print are burnt by a familiar name in the quality CD publishing business; the CD blanks they use are well-balanced, cleanly cut and made of good quality materials. Out the many OOP ArkivCDs that I have, I've noticed the sound quality and the transfer are of the same or in most cases, better quality to the originals I've compared them against. This is particularly true of copies of older Deutsche Grammophone, Phillips and Telarc releases whose originals had a tendency to sound bright and glaring. I've found several hard to find original manufacturer box sets of various composers' works at Arkiv. Overall, I've been extremely happy with the results.
My experience is similar to Zephyr24069.
I have a few, none "burnt". They are of excellent quality. FWIW, some folk believe that "Burnt" copies are superior to the originals.
Ditto to Zephyr24069 and Gsm18439. Arkiv is a great resource.