Arizona Audiofile Club

Please come to the annual swap meet 11/28 7pm-9pm at Trinity Lutheran Church. 7th Ave/Hatcher!!!
Interesting. I will try and stop by time permitting. 
Audiophiles in Arizona...really? I'll plan to stop by. Only a two hour window. Now I'm seeing it. I assume that's a Phoenix address.
Thanks for the invite.  I'll try to get there.
Yes Phoenix. 7th Ave/Hatcher.
Come one, Come all, Come with cash!!

How was it? Sorry I couldn't make it.
I couldn’t make it either. I guess I’ll have to wait until next year. In the meantime, I’ll check out the Arizona Audiophile Club.
We had a decent turnout and picked up three potential new members!
We are planning an exciting 2019 schedule of monthly meeting activities
ranging from Visits to the best  Audio Retailers to sessions on Streaming
as well as attending local Chamber music and Jazz performances.
If you love music come join the club. I joined last year and it is well worth

Is there a web page or published meeting schedule?
Current Web site under revision. It sucks. 
Next meeting at the new EVO store location
Last Wed Eve in Ja. as all meetings are
Contact Tim Warren.   [email protected]