I have an Ariston RDIIS turntable with a Shure SME series III titanium s-tonearm, currently using an Accuphase AC2 MC cartridge.

I have a pair of Quatro Signature II Woods(2010 models, I know...there are several versions out there)speakers with MacCormack MAP-1 preamp and DNA-225 amp. I also use a Sim-Audio MOON LP-1 pre-pre amp. Everything is dead quiet, and sounds nice.

But, the Accupase is 23 years old and is probaby getting worn. Has anyone used the Denon 103SA on a SME series III titanium tonearm? My Accupahese is heavier, and more compliant than the Denon, and seems to work well.

What suggestions do you havre for a good cartridge to match the Quatro woods? The first order filter desing is super smooth uniform in sound that is very easy to listen to.

I did have a 103D with a pair of dual sub mirror imaged KEF tweeter moded DahlQuist DQ-10's and years ago, it sounded very good.
I did a quick calculation for you and the Denon 103SA looks to be a good match for your arm,the cartridge resonance being about 11.595HZ with the SME,which is close to ideal.Your arm effective mass is given as 5gms at the Tonearm Database,the weight of the Denon 103SA as 9.7gms at the Cartridge Database and the estimated compliance is about 12cus for the cartridge.Looks to be worth a shot.
Using the Denon won't be a problem. I have not heard the Accuphase, but I do enjoy the Denon quite a bit. The Denon will have a bit more dymanics when used on an idler driven table, but I am sure you will love it with the Ariston.
I'm not to sure about the low compliance Denon in your SME III... The 103D was higher compliance. For the same money you could have your (excellent) AC-2 reworked/retipped by either Expert Stylus Company (in the UK) or Soundsmith (US).

Alternatively try a more substantial tonearm that will handle MC's better.
Well, the AC-2 always seemed a little more bright and the than the Denon 103D I used to have. More like a moving magnet sound than moving coil.

I'm still not sure what to think over the 103D verses the 103R or 103SA, though. Some the 103D some the 103R / SA.

I changed to a Moon LP-5.3 from the LP-3 active amplifier so I can tune it better to more cartridges. Most seem to feel the 103 series is a pretty good, not perfect, match to the SME 3009 series III tone arm. I don't have a thousand records, so price is important.

103D 8.5G, 5 x 10^6, 40-ohms
103SA 9.7g, 5 x 10^6, 100-ohms
AC-2 9.5g, 15 x 10^6, 50-ohms

The quatros woods probably would excell with a warmer sounding cartridge. The are super fast sounding, and the Accuphase can be dryer sounding as a result.