Aries upgrade to Aries 2 opinion needed

The VPI site shows that for $700, you can get the inverted bearing and the clear acrylic platter used by Aries 2 for the original Aries. Has anyone done such upgrade? How does the upgrade sound? Is it worth the cost?
Seems like no one has done this Sid?
I am actually thinking of upgrading to the HR-X.
Maybe the upgrade is too new and not too many people are aware of it. I thought about the HR-X also but $10K is a bit too rich to my taste. With that much money, I think I might be able to get better improvement investing in other areas, perhaps a tube amp and a new phono amp.

BTW, have you tried triode with the cane?
Not yet (triode) but soon. I am listening to the new Empowered power cords on the 'canes....they are GOOD!