Aries G1 with original Auralic Vega

Has anyone used an Auralic Aries G1 with the original Auralic Vega DAC.? If so what is your opinion Of the sound?  I am currently using a MacBook Pro with Pure Music 3 and was wondering if buying the Aries G1 would be a worthwhile upgrade given the cost.
I saw this same question posted at one point on the Auralic community message board.  Some reported quieter operation and more transparency although the DAC will have the bigger effect on SQ.  One of the posters wrote the following which you may find helpful:

"’s just difficult to answer your question because it all depends on the quality of the rest of your set up . If your DAC deserve it then you will feel a big improvement in quality, These improvements will be even bigger if you have a good amplifier and a nice pair of speakers.

A good test to know if this upgrade worth it in your case is to check if you hear a difference in quality on your aries when you listen to the same audio file coming

A- from a usb drive

B- from internal Ssd

C- from wifi nas drive .

If it is well the case and you can easily differentiate those connections and check that the best sound comes from the nas then may be it is also a good idea for you to go for an Aries G1.

Meanwhile i just can repeat here my happiness using the Aries G1. I am now waiting for a new high end power cord because it think will also better the bass area.

I chose the Auralic Aries mini because it was a quick win over my previous macbook air plus audirvana software, i found the same type of improvement upgrading from mini to Auralic Aries G1. It’s great with all my music 16 or 24 bits from 44.1 to 192 Mhz ( i don’t have any Dsd ) hope this will help your decision making."

This does not say if he is using the Vega DAC.  My preamp is a Krell KCT and the amp is a Krell  FPB 300 CX.  My speakers are Magnepan 1.6’s.  For streaming, I am currently using a Bluesound Node 2I which is rather bright with my system.  

I do appreciate your input.

I don't believe he was using a Vega DAC