Aries 3 and Super Platter

I have an Aries 3 with the regular acrylic platter. I am considering upgrading to the Super Platter. My question is with the Aries 3, can I simply remove the acrylic platter and just drop in the Super Platter or will have I have to change the bearing out too?

Thanks in advance for any info.
I'm pretty sure you will have to replace the bearing also.
I was just wondering because I thought the Aries 3 comes with the inverted bearing compatible with the Super Platter. My bearing looks just like the Super Platter bearing in the ads on Music Direct and Elusive Disc. Maybe it is a different length or dimension even though it looks the same.
The super platter weighs MUCH more than the Aries 3 acrylic platter. I'm sure that the bearing would have to be more robust?
I agree with the above. You do know that the Super Platter has been discontinued? I would check with VPI or have your dealer do so immediately if I was interested in one, they often have some older products left. As a VPI dealer who uses an Aries with Super Platter and SMF I can say from experience that you will notice the difference. Just don't drop it on your toe, that sucker is HEAVY.
I should have added that I have no specific information from VPI on the conversion process. I did attempt to put the Super Platter on a Scoutmaster, which I assume uses the same bearing and platter as the Aries and it did not appear to fit. I only tried this out of curiosity and applied a very minimal force to try to get it into place so not an absolute proof. Of course, if I HAD applied a lot of force it would have been absolute proof that I was an idiot.
I recently changed to the super platter on my Aries 3. The bearings are different material. The acrylic platter bearing is aluminum, the super platter bearing is stainless steel. I would think the aluminum bearing cannot handle the added load over the long term.