Aric Audio Systems Unlimited Preamp

They have a tube model called Unlimited that appears to be a decent value for < $800. It is tube rectified and with pair of tube voltage regulators and 12AX7 driver tubes. It even has a phono stage. Anyone is familiar with this preamp?
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I just wanted to share this here in case anyone was on the fence and just needed a small nudge to push them over ;-) 

Up for sale is a custom version of my Transcend Push~Pull amplifier featuring a 12AU7 front end! Tubes are included as is the full warranty! This unit is in mint condition and has only been lightly used by myself- not fully broken in yet! I would of course prefer to sell outside of eBay to avoid their large take. Feel free to contact me to make an offer! Best wishes, and thanks for looking.

I just wanted to follow up that this item has sold to an Audiogon member! Thanks for all who took a look. Best, Aric
I own the Unlimited and it is simply outstanding.  Specifically, the soundstage, detail, and focus it reveals is considerable.  It is paired with a D-sonic amplifier driving Magnepan .7, the combination exceeds my expectations.  Aric Audio is a rarity, quality, integrity, and value in one company.  My audio vocabulary does not match the quality and enjoyment his product has brought me.  In my research, the unit easily competes with those in the 3-4k range.   Give him a call, you will glad you did.
I just wanted to post this here for anyone interested in getting a deal on an amplifier. I have a customized Transcend Push Pull (KT88/6SN7 based) as well as an EL84 push-pull, both demo units- in 9/10 condition (which is conservative). I built these recently for my personal use, and the thought occurred to me today that "I have too many amplifiers", and as such am offering these for what I believe is a great deal! Feel free to contact me here, or through the Contact Us on my website if interested. Note: Either of these units is a GREAT match with my Unlimited, or other preamplifiers. Thank you for the bandwidth and for looking! Best wishes, Aric

With a couple weeks of the amp in my system, and a chance to get in extended listening impressions: Aric 6bq5 Push Pull


I have been rolling some tubes, I am not versed in the vernacular to put into words how tubes compare. Safe to say though The current setup is very pleasing to MY ear.


Those new Production Tung-Sol 6bq5, Paired with a very nice pair of 60's Telefunken ladder plate 12ax7's, and a vintage Raytheon twin (opposing) side getter 5u4GB rectifier. The amp is ticking off all my boxes. A very nice sparkle up high without the dreaded cymbol sizzle or ear piercing screech.  Liquid, and inviting Mids. Emotional At times causing ones hair on the back of the neck to stand up and run a chill down the spine.  Realism can be surprising as well quite often I find myself rewinding a file to see if that was in the music or ? while I am sure it would do well in the bass arena, I will refrain from comment as I Bi-amp and I have a crown SS amp pulling duty below 150Hz. (No need to guild the lilly  ).........................Over all just a fun & pleasing amp to listen to nightly.


Sound stage is MASSIVE side to side and DEEP This is the forte of my preferred speaker (Open Baffle DiPole).  I have had amps that affected that forte negatively, The Aric does none of that.  The Aric adds a layer to the music that was not heard before, It has a way of bringing some of the nuances forward, Example Bruce Springsteen's breath can be clearly heard on Ghost of Tom Joad, & Nebraska Albums a pair I considered favorites of mine for many years, I thought I knew them quite well.


I was shocked when I installed a matched set of RCA vintage smooth Gray plates with the angled pan getter they seemed to really dull down the sound I had a marked loss to the sparkle, I so dearly love. Confusing to me because in other 6bq5 amps I have had those were my go to tube. Could it mean I will save $$$$ on tubes (I sure hope so)


It really is a treat to set back and listen, the toes get to tapping spontaneously. I even break out my air drums, and occasional guitar for a solo. Wife rolls her eyes and boys just shake there heads as they walk away ..............